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Journey by Rail vacations are on luxuriously rebuilt passenger Cars that travel on routes and lay over at en-route destinations during five to eleven day Journeys throughout the USA and into Canada.
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Rebuilt Cars begin service when refurbishing is completed. About 38 Cars having a total of about 140 bedrooms will be introduced within five years.
A combination of sleeper, dining and lounge Cars travel together as luxurious Train Sets. Bedrooms may be located in any of these. Some Cars are self sufficient with sleeping, dining and lounge facilities; they can travel alone.
A typical Journey by Rail is for two persons on a scheduled route with all-inclusive service that includes, but is not limited to, finest dining, all kinds of beverages, 24 hour room service, on board pleasure, en-route layovers where passengers enjoy a wide selection of things to do, and impeccable passenger support.
If all of the bedrooms in a Car are booked by a single affinity, family or other group, itineraries can be selected and on board services can be personalized beyond the already exceptional level.
Cars are very spacious. For example, the Sunflower (cars are named after flowers) has two levels with an elevator and only four bedrooms. Deluxe passenger accommodations include large beds with private bathrooms and optimum amenities.
Journey by Rail Cars travel with Amtrak and other railroads with extended stops at en-route destinations that include initial departure and final disembarking locations, allowing passengers to live on board while enjoying a never ending selection of optional nearby activities. Cars are dropped off by one and subsequently picked up by another train to travel to other destinations. Passengers live on board, avoiding the need to move to and from hotels to enjoy local attractions.

Journeys by Rail are one of if not America’s finest all-inclusive luxury vacation value. The price of a comparable foreign train vacation greatly exceeds the fare for a distinctive America’s Train Journey.
 There is no equivalent rail service in the United States.

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