Journey Services Description


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Health Risk Mitigation: The small number of and low passenger density on each Journey provides for preclusion of contagious illness transmission. A ‘Prevention Plan’ and related crew member training deters existence of health risks on rail cars, and at en-route layovers. This includes non-intrusive safeguards designed to prevent contamination on Cars and transmission of contagious ailments between passengers. Safeguards may include: provision of a pre-Journey healthiness confirmation by passengers; vaccination and test requirements; considering communicable illness conditions where passengers live or just came from; possible, pertinent basic health checks when first boarding Cars; thorough on-Car health and hygiene criterion; plans for health care while on-board, at Amtrak station stops and layover locations; and, otherwise. Crew passenger care, vigorous and constant rail car cleaning and other proactive preventative measures provide for minimized health related passenger concerns. See Covid precautions
Personalized Services – To provide for optimum passenger care, passengers are asked to complete a Pre Journey Questionnaire that provides information about any medical or other matters that may required special attention, and about preferred menu items, music, entertainment, activity and other preferences. All-inclusive services include en-route layover activities that passengers may be able to change, like Broadway show selections, off-car dining and tours.
Accommodations – There are 4 standard bedroom categories, all having full private bathrooms (with showers), including: Grande Suites (about 125 sq. ft., 11.6 sq. m) on the lower level of High Level Cars that are the full width of the Car, with a king or 2 twin beds; Master Suites (about 105 sq. ft., 9.8 sq. m) with a king or 2 twin beds; Deluxe Doubles (about 97 sq. ft., 9.0 sq. m) with a queen bed; Classic Doubles (about 88 sq. ft., 8.2 sq m) with a lower double and an upper twin bed, which can accommodate 1 or 2 passengers. On a limited basis, Crew bedrooms (about 81 sq. ft, 7.7 sq. m), with twin upper and lower beds and full bathroom, can sometimes be used for 3rd and 4th persons traveling with other passengers; and, if appropriate, crew can use Amtrak accommodations. Bedroom service includes: daily linen changes; fresh blankets/bed covers; beds turned down as desired; a full length mirror; superior bath and beauty amenities; disinfectant wipes and hand cleaner; hairdryers; custom stocked mini-bar, a safe (although there is no known related risk); television and Wifi (within geographic and topographic limitations); a DVD player (select from an on board movie library); 24 hour food, beverage and other room services; adequate in room storage with access to additional storage space; and, anything else we can think of or that passengers reasonably request to ensure superior service.
Food and beverage – Menus are based on seasonal supplies, regional selections, and pre Journey passenger input. Open seating for meals is normal, but dining reservations can be made. Meal service includes full or light breakfasts, delightful lunches, all day beverages with pastries, fine evening dinners, a bedtime aperitif, take-away picnic snacks, personalized event meals, and 24 hour in-room service. Most Journeys include an off-train restaurant dinner featuring regional/local cuisine, alone or as part of a provided tour. Most Journeys include an elegant on board white glove evening dining experience (formal attire for passengers is not necessary). Alcoholic beverages are complimentary with on-board meals and at frequent social events. Special menus and beverages are available for individual passengers if requested at least 21 days before departure; they may be included in all-inclusive fares but there could be a nominal surcharge for more unique items. If no special requests are received, efforts are made to cater to specific passenger dietary requests after boarding by preparing suitable meals when related ingredients and provisions are reasonably available. Regretfully, on normal but not special Journeys, capabilities may not include preparation of meals in accordance with strict religious requirements, unless requested in advance.
On board activities and services – On-Car experiences vary based on routes, seasons, themes and predetermined passenger preferences. They include, but aren’t limited to, easy boarding, a welcome party, magnificent scenery, photo opportunities, fun gatherings and awards events after off-Car group activities, switch time ‘stuff’ when cars are being transferred (switching) to another train/engine or parking location, music, dancing, fashion shows, card and other table games, various social events, expert en-route geographic, history and attraction commentary, television if geographically possible, Wifi if geographically possible, daily newspapers, fresh flowers, fruit bowls, chocolate treats, karaoke, quiet times, special events (special request weddings, meetings, etc), daily activity and weather reports, live en-route web cam video, 110 volt electrical outlets, baggage handling, extra storage for large items; and, optimum, unobtrusive, non-presumptive, personalized passenger care based on pre-Journey information provided by and other known preferences of passengers,
On-route destination layover activities – Passengers can enjoy off-Car attractions and things to do while living on parked Cars during layovers at various en-route destinations, and at departure and final arrival locations, without the inconvenience and cost of moving to and from hotels. They include a wide variety of exclusive Tracks to Adventure and other tours that vary at different layover destinations. Cars are dropped off at en-route destinations by one train, where they park on railroad sidings and spurs, and are picked up by another subsequent train. Parking locations provide a railroad ambiance with varying facilities and comfort. Some off Car tours, dining and other things to do may be included in all-inclusive Journey fares, or passengers may have the option of selecting an alternative activity more to their liking. Optional off-Car activities can be reserved in advance and during a Journey, or can be arranged on an impromptu basis at layover locations. Passengers may experience some unique aspects of railroading while living on parked Cars, with full on board services.
Ground transportation during layovers – Normal ground shuttle service transportation between parked rail Cars and primary attractions/locations during layovers is included in all-inclusive Journey services. Additional optional transportation is available. Passengers may have to pay extra for special request ground transportation.
Travel to/from Journey by Rail trainsAirline: Connecting airline travel arrangements are available through selected independent travel agents, but are not included as part of Journey by Rail prices unless specifically described in travel documents. – Amtrak: Although not normally included in Journey by Rail fares, travel by Amtrak train to and from Journey boarding and/or disembarking locations may offer desirable convenience, with easy transfers between Amtrak and Journey by Rail Cars. – Ground transfers: Transportation arrangements between initial Journey boarding and final destination locations and airports may be provided as part of all-inclusive fares, or may be made available to but paid for by passengers. If any, related information is described in travel documents.
Exclusive, personalized services – In addition to already personalized service based on a Pre Journey Questionnaire that passengers complete, at their option, for an additional reasonable fee (at cost), more unique and supplemental exclusive personalized services are available that may include: 24 hour open bar (in addition to already frequently available complimentary beverage services); specific preferred types and brands of alcoholic and other beverages; more comprehensive preferred menu item selections (in addition to already superb dining); enhanced special birthday and other celebrations; on board events at layovers, that can include non passenger guests; preferred brands and types of soaps and other bathroom toiletries (in addition to normal deluxe items); requested, preferred on board entertainment and activities; requested special off-car things to do; exclusive layover ground transportation with or without a private driver (in addition to normal free shuttle services); a personalized photographic and/or video record of Journeys, up to a documentary format; specific medical care as may be reasonably available; and otherwise.
Security at layovers – When rail Cars are parked during layovers, additional security as may be necessary secures Cars, passengers and property. 
Pre and post Journey accommodations – Pre and post Journey hotel and resort accommodations are available near initial boarding and final disembarking locations, at preferred rates. In some instances pre and post Journey stays on board rail Cars are offered as part of all-inclusive Journeys for a reasonable additional charge.
Private Car – Exclusive, Private Car Journeys by Rail for up to 8 passengers may be available; traveling with a Train Set on a scheduled route, or alone on an itinerary determined by passengers with services and activities that they select.
Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is available from selected agencies; it is strongly recommended.
Taxes – Normally there are no taxes on Journey by Rail Fares, or otherwise. In the event that taxes or other levies related to provision of all-inclusive Journeys occur, they will be added to the Fare or are paid by passengers.
Immigration and Customs charges – Immigration and customs charges arising out of international travel are paid directly by passengers.
– Tips for Journey crew are not necessary but can be given if desired, preferably at the end of a Journey.
Laundry – No regular laundry service is available on board. However, the crew will make reasonable efforts to provide emergency on board laundry service. This may include crew use of off Car facilities at en-route destinations; there may be a reasonable charge.
Gifts – Journey related gifts are available on board, or on the Internet by going to Choo Choo Store. Toothbrushes, razors and some other basic personal items are available at no cost if required.
Special Occasions – Birthdays, anniversaries and other special passenger occasions are celebrated if desired; as passengers may describe on the Pre Journey Questionnaire.
Children – There are no children’s facilities or specific activities for children on board.
Electricity – Readily available 110v electrical outlets are standard; if not, passengers will be advised when making reservations.
Air Conditioning – Each bedroom has air-conditioning with individual cool/heat temperature controls.
Journey Terms and Conditions – Journey services are subject to change. For details governing the purchase and use of Journeys by Rail go to Terms and Conditions. In the event that any of the above services conflict with the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions prevail.