Activity Cars


Activity Cars are rebuilt baggage or coach passenger cars.
Variable Car configurations provide a large multi-purpose area that offers unique opportunities for all sorts of group gatherings including weddings, musical, social and business events.
Variable Activity Car configurations provide: Lounge, bar, washrooms, entertainment and dance floor facilities for parties and special events during Train Set Journeys by Rail and at en-route destinations;  A large door that opens downward to create an outside patio or stage area, and for loading larger items;  Space and support aids for special events, business and other meetings or presentations;  Storage space for group recreational (ski, golf, etc) and other equipment;  Some might have an on board spa or heavy duty sound proofed electrical generator to provide electricity to the activity and other cars when they are parked.
Car exteriors can have temporary special event and other signs, or be fully wrapped with promotional signage.
Cars normally travel as part of Train Sets providing extra on board activities for all passengers, or can be used on an exclusive basis for some passengers holding special events.
They may host musical, entertainment or other happenings at en-route destinations that can be open to local, non passenger residents.
Activity cars enhance amenities and service during special interest and theme Journeys, on board while traveling and during layovers at Journey by Rail en-route destinations.
Cars may park near or at special sports, recreational and other event venues for a period of time.
Activity cars can also travel with and supplement private car user objectives.
Utilization of activity cars will depend on passenger interests and demand.
A few activity cars will be introduced. More will follow if needed.
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