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Go to (click on) Journey Fares for Journey itineraries and prices.

Until a Journey by Rail reservation is confirmed, as described below, Fares may be increased and Journey conditions can be changed without prior notice.

Until full payment for a Journey is made, the Fare for a confirmed Journey is subject to surcharges because of unexpected significant: a) additional fuel costs that impact the cost of operations; b) charges from/by Amtrak or other railroad service that is providing locomotives/engines to move Cars or Train Sets between or required services at scheduled layover locations, (c) rail track access costs; (d) new or revised government or Amtrak fees, taxes or other unusual charges; and, (e) additional Car operating costs that occur for reasons not within the control of ATs. Surcharges will not exceed an amount equal to 3% of confirmed Journey Fares.

Unless otherwise described in Travel Documents, Journey by Rail services include those described at (click on) Journey services and do not include: airline and other transportation to Cars at Journey departure and from Cars at Journey disembarkation locations; goods or services acquired from third parties; special services not available to all Passengers including requested unusual meals or beverages and special events; laundry service; telephone calls; travel insurance; rental cars; vaccinations; gratuities (which are not mandatory); off Car tours and other activities not hosted by ATs as described in ATs Travel Documents; costs of passports and other personal documents; and, medical care of all kinds.


Reservations are made with travel agents, authorized tour suppliers or an ATs Rez Center.

A payment is required to confirm a Journey reservation. Refundable (as described below in Cancellations and Refunds) deposits and payments for confirmed reservations are 5% of the total Fare when a reservation is made more than but at least 182 days before the departure date, increasing by an additional 10% of the total Fare 130 days before the departure date, increasing to full payment prior to 91 days before the departure date. If any such payment is not received by ATs, reservations are subject to cancellation without further notice at ATs’ option.

Payment can be by check, bank or wire transfer, money order or acceptable debit/credit cards.


Except that ATs has the option to retain up to a $50 service fee from any refund, a full refund of all Fare amounts paid is made to Passengers for cancellations of Confirmed Journey reservations if requested more than 91 days before the related Journey departure date decreasing by 1% of such amount each day starting on the 91st day until and including the 14th day before the departure date. No refund is owed or payable within 13 days before the departure date; except that, if ATs is able to resell such Journey a refund is paid in an amount equal to the net related revenue (after marketing and related costs) that ATs receives from such resale.

If surcharges cause the total Fare to increase by more than 3% of a confirmed Fare, Passengers can cancel their Journey within the 7 day period after being notified of such increase and a full refund of all amounts paid will be made by ATs.

Notification of cancellations must be made: (1) directly to ATs by email to rez@americastrain.com, such cancellation is considered received at the time that ATs confirms receipt thereof by return email; or, (2) in writing delivered by registered USPS mail, such cancellation is considered received on the date it is delivered to ATs; or, (3) by telephone and such cancellation is considered received at such time as the Passenger receives a Cancellation Number.

By accepting a full or partial refund, Passengers waive all rights to any and all further refund claims or remedies.

Name changes are considered to be cancellations.

Cancellations and refunds are further described in the (click on) Terms and Conditions. If there is a conflict between the Terms and Conditions and any other stated Journey by Rail provisions, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.