Payments, Cancellations and Refunds

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A provisional reservation for an available America’s Trains (“ATs”) Journey by Rail can be made to acquire a first right of refusal for a specific Journey with no or a minimal refundable deposit and no other obligation, as described at Provisional Reservations.
Full payments are equal to normal published fares for confirmed Journey by Rail reservations, less any applicable discounts or reductions (“Credit(s)”). Credits can’t be combined unless otherwise specifically stated on the ATs web site or otherwise authorized in writing by ATs. If it is specifically stated that “Early confirmed booking/reservation discounts” can be combined with other specific discounts or reductions, the related discount applies to the normal fare less Credit amounts.
Reservations are made with travel agents, authorized tour suppliers or an ATs Rez Center.
Confirmed reservation deposits are 5% of total per person Fares prior to 196 days before a departure date, increasing by an additional 10% per person (a total of 15%) 196 days before departure, increasing by an additional 15% per person (a total of 30%) 140 days before departure, increasing to full payment (100%) prior to 91 days before departure. If any such payment is not received, reservations can be cancelled without further notice. Deposits may change for special Journey reservations at ATs’ option.
Payments are held in an escrow or comparable account to the extent necessary to pay related Journey operating costs or permitted requested refunds. 
Payment can be by check, bank transfer, money order or acceptable debit/credit cards.
Except as otherwise provided for herein, on ATs’ web site or otherwise in writing, unless passengers are unable to depart on their Confirmed Journey due to ATs non performance, passengers have no right to a Fare refund, including a credit or debit card charge back.
Except that ATs has the option to retain a $50 service fee, a full refund of all Fare amounts paid is made to passengers that cancel a Confirmed reservation more than 91 days before a departure date decreasing to all amounts paid less 1% of such amounts for each day starting on the 91st day and including the 14th day before the departure date. No refund is owed or payable within 13 days before the departure date. Notification of cancellations must be made: (1) directly to ATs by email to, such cancellation is considered received at the time that ATs confirms receipt thereof by return email; or, (2) in writing delivered by registered USPS mail, such cancellation is considered received on the date it is delivered to ATs; or, (3) by telephone, such cancellation is considered received at such time as the passenger receives a Cancellation Number. The date the notification is received by ATs or ATs provides a Cancellation Number is the effective date of the cancellation. By accepting a full or partial refund, passengers waive all rights to any and all further refund claims or remedies. Name changes are considered to be cancellations. If passengers do not comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, it shall be assumed that passengers have provided a notification of cancellation and ATs will have the absolute right, at its option, to cancel a passenger’s confirmed reservation without further notice. In this event, passengers shall be owed refunds as provided in these Terms, to be calculated based on the date of cancellation by ATs.