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America’s Trains rail cars are not older units with new paint, fixtures and furniture. They are fully redesigned, rebuilt and refurbished to exceed Amtrak’s mechanical specifications, with interior amenities intended to provide utmost gratification to discriminating consumers of unique, luxury vacation services. America’s Trains does not replicate antiquated capabilities that were in vogue when rail travel was at its peak, it combines the best of these features with exquisite decor, fine furnishings, modern conveniences and every desirable amenities  that make America’s Trains cars the best in America, equal to the worlds finest.
Within several years the America’s Trains fleet of cars will grow to include about 29 standard passenger cars that travel as part of different train sets with from 1 up to 5 cars, plus several self sufficient private cars with 2 or 3 bedrooms that can travel alone or with a train set, and a few activity cars that travel with trains sets to provide special entertainment and events.
Cars have common interior characteristics, but each has unique, luxurious features. They are named after flowers.
Sequential introduction of cars is based on individual car improvement requirements and consumer demand.

High (two) level cars

The first car is a self sufficient high level car, the Sunflower. Passenger areas on the lower level include about 2/3rds of the car with a full upper level (the length of the car); there is a total of about 1,300 square feet of passenger space.
Necessary improvements have been completed as required to be and the Sunflower is Amtrak certified.
Sunflower accommodations include four bedrooms, two Grande Suites, a Master Suite and a Deluxe Double, all having full private bathrooms. Total capacity is up to eight passengers (double occupancy). It is a transition car that allows it to be joined to high level cars at one end and single level cars at the other.
The Magnolia, a second high level car, will join the Sunflower when improvements are completed. It has two Grande Suites, a Master Suite, a Deluxe Double bedroom, a Classic Double bedroom, bar, lounges and other amenities. It will normally travel with a car that provides full dining service, like the Sunflower.

Dome Cars

Dome cars have 2 Master Suites or 3 Deluxe Double bedrooms, a full kitchen, a dining area and lounges that include an upper level which is about 30% the length of the car. When improvements are complete on the first dome car, the Hibiscus, it will operate alone until the next sleeping car is ready for service.

Single Level Cars

Single level sleeping cars have 2 Master Suites, 3 Deluxe Double bedrooms and 1 Classic Double bedroom. The first sleeping car is the Violet.
Single level dining cars will include 2 Master Suites, full dining and a bar.
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High (two) Level Cars
Dome Cars
Dining, Lounge Cars

Sleeping Cars
Activity Cars
Private Cars

Bedrooms have full private bathrooms, a safe, minibar, wifi when geographically possible, television and other deluxe amenities.Bed layouts may vary and sizes may be slightly different based on the characteristics of individual rail cars and whether they are one or two level cars. Different bedroom categories include the following:

Grande Suite

Master Suite

Master Suite

1. Grand Suites, about 120 ft2 (11.15 m2) with a king bed or two twin beds; on single level or the lower level of two level cars.
2. Master Suites, about 96 ft2 (8.92 m2) with queen or king beds or two twin beds.
3. Deluxe Doubles, similar to but smaller than a Master Suite, about 88 ft2 (8.16 m2) with queen beds or tow twin beds in some bedrooms.
4. Classic Doubles, about 68 ft2 (6.32 m2) with a lower double and an upper twin bed, for two or single passengers.
5. Duplex Suites on some private cars, which are two bedrooms each having a large or two lower twin beds, private toilets and sinks, and a shared connecting shower.
6. Crew cabins that are similar to Classic Double bedrooms may be infrequently used to accommodate single or extra passengers. Extra crew may infrequently sleep in Amtrak car bedrooms.


By the 1970s airline service and improved highways had replaced railroads as a primary way to travel in the United States; Amtrak assumed responsibility for passenger train operations. This led to the disappearance of and there has been no ongoing regular, luxury vacation train service in the United states and none that provided en-route on board layovers.
Amtrak’s normal objective is to move people between stations as quickly as possible, stopping just long enough for light maintenance and to let passengers get on and off the trains. There has been no regular train service designed to provide vacations, no luxury passenger railroads, and none that allow passengers to stay on board during extended stops so that they can enjoy off-car activities while traveling by train.
America’s Trains fills this void with Journeys by Rail on luxurious rebuilt railroad cars that travel as part of Amtrak or other trains, with extended en-route layovers at boarding, disembarking and intriguing en-route destinations where cars park and allow passengers to enjoy a wide variety of off car activities while living on board their luxurious resort on tracks. Cars are dropped off by one and picked up by another train at en-route destinations.
Older passenger cars are repaired to exceed Amtrak mechanical specifications. Interiors are rebuilt to provide ultimate passenger comfort and service.
Up to five cars traveling together as a train set provide luxurious sleeping, lounge and dining facilities with from 4 to 22 deluxe double occupancy bedrooms. There are some bedrooms available for single passengers.
Self sufficient private cars with two or three bedrooms may travel as part of a Train Set, or can operate alone to provide very exclusive vacations for small groups and families on routes selected by passengers.
A few activity cars with special event capabilities or that are configured for use as traveling displays, for presentations or meetings will travel with Train Sets.