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Personalized Bookings: Although an Internet system may be used to manage travel arrangements, to ensure that every passenger enjoys a personalized Journey by Rail, when possible reservations are made directly with our reservations department or an authorized travel or other agent.
Provisional Reservations: A provisional reservation is one made with no deposit and provides a first right of refusal to the “Customer” for a specific available Journey by Rail and fare, which is subject to change until the reservation is confirmed. Provisional reservations are described on ATs’ Reservation Form. If a person other than the Customer wants to confirm a Journey for which there is a provisional reservation, the Customer with the provisional reservation has a first right to confirm the related reservation during the 72 hour period after ATs gives such Customer related notice by email or telephone. It is the sole responsibility of such Customer to check for and be aware of such inbound emails. The provisional reservation is subject to cancellation after the 72 hours. When provisional Journey reservations are confirmed, they are subject to normal reservation, deposit and payment provisions. If a departure date for a desired expected future Journey route has not yet been confirmed because of uncertainties regarding Amtrak timetables, or for other reasons,  a provisional reservation can be used to hold space without specifying the date of departure by otherwise adequately describing Journey preferences, for example, “the first available Journey”. Journeys for which there are provisional reservations can be cancelled, itineraries can be changed, and fares can be revised at the sole discretion of ATs without prior notice to a Recipient. In this event ATs will advise a Recipient accordingly by email or telephone contact and a Recipient has 72 hours after being given such notice to accept the change(s) of the provisional reservation; otherwise, the provisional reservation is subject to cancellation after 72 hours. Provisional reservation fares can be confirmed by Recipients at any time by making a confirmed reservation.
Confirmed Reservations: Confirmed reservations are as described in the ATs Reservation Form. ATs strives to ensure that and passengers should become aware of details regarding Journeys by Rail, related opportunities to enhance their Journey experience and pertinent Journey limitations and restrictions, if any. Payments are made as described at Journey by Rail payment. 


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