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 2. Employment opportunities
 3. Managment
xx (a) Overview
xx (b) Video, CEO description
 4. Fractional Interest
xx (a) Description
xx (b) Flyer, PDF
xx Confidential information
xx (c) Purchase, ownership documents – click to access confidential information
 5. Funding Opportunity Details
xx (a) Remarkable involvement opportunity, overview

xx (b) Video, ATs description
xx (c) Rail demand booming
xx (d) Timeshare market huge growth
xx (e) Luxury travel is fastest growing

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6. Journeys by Rail
 xx(a) Terms and Conditions
 xx(c) Flyer, PDF
 xx(d) Demand, luxury train vacations
 xx(f) Demand, luxury travel and vacations
xx (g) Fare Comparisons
xx (h) Video, Journeys by Rail
xx  (i) Video, Journey Opportunity
xx  (j) Newsletter, PDF
xx (k) Groups
 7. Marketing and Sales
xx(a) Preliminary brochure, side 1side 2
xx(b) Post card Journeys, side 1side 2
xx(c) Post card, Train’Shares, side 1 side 2
xx(d) Other sales aid and promotional formats/items – ask ATs sales at 817 696-1507
8. Train’Shares
xx(a) Description
xx(b) Flyer, PDF
xx(c) Demand, timeshares/Train’Shares
xx(e) Sales agent provisions – ask ATs sales at 817 696-1507
xxConfidential information
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