At Layovers
Unlike typical fixed location resort vacations, Journey by Rail routes traveling from about 800 to 2,400 miles long include layover visits at different en-route destinations, including original departure and final arrival stations, where luxurious cars park while passengers live on board. Cars are dropped off at en-route destinations by one train, where they park on railroad sidings and spurs, and are picked up by another subsequent train.
Passengers have lots of time to experience nearby off-Car things to do without the inconvenience and cost of moving to and from hotels. Activities include a wide variety of exclusive Tracks to Adventure and other tours that vary at different layovers. Parking locations provide a railroad ambiance with varying facilities and comfort, while enjoying full on boar services.
Free shuttle service to and from off-Car activities is provided. Some off-Car tours, dining and other things to do may be included in all-inclusive Journey fares, or passengers may have the option of selecting an alternative activity more to their liking. Optional off-Car activities can be reserved in advance and during a Journey, or can be arranged on an impromptu basis at layover locations.
Click on the following blue Journey layover locations (the others, and more, will follow as more cars operate on additional routes) for a description of some of the optional things to do.
Fort Worth
Kansas City
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
Niagara Falls
Oklahoma City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
San Luis Obispo
St Louis
St Paul/Minneapolis
Washington, DC
On Board

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Lots of Enjoyment: Easy boarding, photo opportunities and contests, fun gatherings and awards events after off-Car group activities, music, dancing, a welcome on board party, card and other table games, various social events, cuisine experiences, expert en-route experience commentary, television, Wifi, daily newspapers, fresh flowers, fruit bowls, chocolate treats, karaoke, quiet times, special events (weddings, meetings, etc), route location monitors, daily activity and weather reports, en-route web cam views, numerous 110 volt electrical outlets, baggage handling assistance, and extra storage for large items. Optimum, unobtrusive, non-presumptive, personalized passenger care is based on pre-Journey information provided by and other known preferences of passengers.
Optimum service: Personalized, unobtrusive. gracious service, casual and white glove. Preferred services can be arranged prior to departure.
Activity Cars: Special entertainment and things to do while traveling and at en-route destinations is available when Activity Cars travel as part of a Train Set.
Train Set capacity varies between about 8 and 40 passengers, ideal for exclusive use by smaller groups. Special activity arrangements are available on board and at en-route destinations.