Private Cars

Private (business) cars may be older “heavyweight” cars typically with six axles and an open platform at the back or newer and lighter models with no platform and four axles. They are basically similar with crew quarters, dining room, a lounge and two or three bedrooms with full bathrooms; some older car bedrooms sharing an adjoining shower.
Until the late 1960s, the most luxurious private cars were enjoyed by a limited number of individuals and corporations able to afford this elite form of transportation.
Private car travel was replaced by a growing national highway system and commercial or private jet aircraft. Cars were laid up and as time passed they no longer met new and revised mechanical requirements.
America’s Trains rehabilitates private cars and offers them as a most prestigious form of travel for individual Journey by Rail vacations, and through car shared ownership (Train’Shares and Fractional Interests).
Older private cars are rebuilt by America’s Trains, retaining older ambiance but with up to date facilities and equipment. Occupancy varies between 4 and 8 passengers based on Car design and passenger requirements. Private cars are unique among and their quality and characteristics exceed or equals the world’s best.

Passengers can select any route of their preference.ERIE 400 SMALL
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