High (Two) Level Cars

High level cars have a full upper level. Entry is at the lower level on either side of the car with one or no steps up (based on the station platform deck). Over 55% of the lower deck in the center of the car is available for use and some storage areas exist at each end of the cars.
Some America’s Trains hi level cars are self sufficient and can operate with and in support of other cars. They have bedrooms including a lower level Grande Suite(s) that are the full width of the car, lounges and dining facilities.
The first Amtrak certified high level car (Sunflower) has four double occupancy bedrooms, two Grande Suites and two Master Suites, accommodating eight passengers.
The two level 1,350 sq. ft. Sunflower’s walk-in entrance (no stairs), elevator/lift, ECO friendly waste sewage system, full dining service, lounges, elegant bedrooms, exquisite decor, spacious comfort, luxurious ambience and interior features create an unmatched passenger rail car.
The Sunflower is also a transition car that can be coupled to another high level car at one end and to a single level car at the other. This version of a high level car provides operating flexibility that allows it to operate alone or be used in Train Sets having from two to five Cars, including other hi-level or single level Cars.
High level cars can’t operate on some of Amtrak’s northeast USA routes because of height restrictions.

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