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America’s Trains has acquired initial and has pending arrangements for several additional cars based on demand. More unimproved cars are available as required.
Cars have common interior characteristics, but each has unique features. They are named after flowers.
All Cars have common interior features, and each has a unique, luxurious theme. Passenger facilities and amenities are second to none.
Initial Cars and their current status is described below. Sequential introduction is based on individual Car improvement requirements and related progress.
Routes, related Car capacities and train set configurations consider recent Amtrak operating and contractual changes.


The first Car is a self sufficient high (two) level Car (the Magnolia) with four bedrooms (up to eight passengers, double occupancy). When operated in conjunction with a second high level Car (Gardenia), it will become the dining Car and the Gardenia will provide lounges, along with bedrooms and other amenities.
The Magnolia is two level transition car and can connect with single level cars. It has four different category bedrooms, all with full private bathrooms.

The Car is presently in the shop and final improvements to make it ready for service are being completed.

The Magnolia will provide dining service for other cars when traveling with them.

The Magnolia’s lower level includes: main entries on both sides of the Car; a Grande Suite that is the full width of the car with a very large bed and windows on both sides; a full service kitchen; a reception area/lounge that provides 24 hour beverage and snack service; an extra guest bathroom; and, storage areas at each end of the Car over the wheels.The upper level has three bedrooms, a Master Suite with a large bed, deluxe double with a large bed, classic double with a lower double and upper twin bed, and crew quarters.  Some Master Suite beds convert to daytime sofa seating if desired by passengers.  Separate dining and lounge areas provide spacious comfortable seating for more than the maximum number of passengers. Food service areas include a lift from the lower level kitchen that conveniently operates using effective procedures developed by Amtrak on its high level cars.One end of the upper level connects with other high level and the other end connects with single level Cars.

NOTE: Sequential introduction of the following Cars is scheduled within several months after the Magnolia begins service.


The Gardenia needs mechanical improvements to meet Amtrak specifications and full interior refurbishment to provide: one Grande Suite; three Master Suites; a lounge with bar; a support service kitchen; crew quarters; and, storage areas. When traveling with the Magnolia it will provide the lounges for both Cars and the Magnolia will provide dining and other related services.


The Hibiscus requires mechanical repairs to be Amtrak approved and full interior refurbishment to provide: one Master Suite; one Deluxe Double bedroom; one Classic Double bedroom; a lower and dome lounge; a bar; full service kitchen; crew quarters; and, storage areas. It will provide dining services when traveling with other cars, like the Sunflower.


The Sunflower requires mechanical improvements to meet Amtrak requirements and interior improvement to provide: two Master Suites; a Deluxe Double bedroom; a Classic Double bedroom; and, a small lounge. Initially, it will travel as part of train sets that include the Magnolia or Hibiscus.


The first several cars will initially travel as two small train sets. Additional cars will be added to increase their capacity based on route demand, and will be used for new train sets having up to five Cars.


There has been no regular, luxury vacation train service in the United states and none that provided en-route on board layovers. America’s Trains is filling this void.
By the early 1970s airline service and modern highways had replaced railroads as a primary way to travel in the United States; Amtrak assumed responsibility for passenger train operations.
Amtrak’s normal objective is to move people between stations as quickly as possible, stopping just long enough for maintenance and to let passengers get on and off the trains. There has been no regular train service designed to provide vacations, no luxury passenger railroads, and none that allow passengers to stay on board during extended stops so that they can enjoy activities while traveling by railroad.
America’s Trains fills this void with Journeys by Rail on luxurious rebuilt rail cars that travel as part of Amtrak or other trains with extended en-route layovers at boarding, disembarking and intriguing en-route destinations, where Cars are park and allow passengers to enjoy a wide variety of activities while staying on board their luxurious resort on tracks. Cars are dropped off by one and picked up by another train at en-route destinations.
Older passenger cars are repaired to exceed Amtrak mechanical specifications. Interiors are rebuilt to provide ultimate passenger comfort and service.
Up to five Cars travel together (a “Train Set”) providing luxurious sleeping, lounge and dining facilities with up to 22 deluxe bedrooms for 44 double occupancy passengers. There are some bedrooms available for single passengers.
A self sufficient Private Car with two or three bedrooms may travel as part of a Train Set, or can operate alone to provide very exclusive vacations for small groups and families.
America’s Trains is introducing several Train Sets, and a growing number of Private Cars. Additional activity cars with special event capabilities or that are configured for business use as traveling displays and for presentations will travel with Train Sets.
Individual (single) Journeys by Rail are sold on Train Sets, and shared Private Cars.
Train’Shares are sold on Train Sets and shared Private Cars.
Fractional Interest (shared) ownership of Private Cars is sold.
Bedrooms with full private bathrooms include: A limited number of Grand Suites, about 110 ft2 (10.2 m2) with a very large bed; Master Suites, about 85 ft2 (8.0 m2) with large beds; Deluxe Doubles, similar to a Master Suite but smaller, about 78 ft2 (7.2 m2) with large beds; Classic Doubles, about 64 ft2 (6.0 m2) with a lower double and an upper twin bed, for two or single passengers; and, Duplex Suites on some Private Cars, which are two bedrooms each having a large or two lower twin beds and private toilets, sinks, with a shared connecting shower. All bedrooms have deluxe amenities, televisions and other appropriate amenities.
As their improvements are completed, over 40 passenger cars of all configurations will be introduced within several years.
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