Special Offers

Tracks to Adventure TV series – En-route production of the television show “Tracks to Adventure” will take place on inital  Journeys. Have some related fun. Ask reservations for details.
Early booking savings – See early booking fare reductions for Journey routes of interest at Journey Routes.
Early interest, pre operating specials – Thanks for your early interest in America’s most distinctive all-inclusive vacations. Rail cars will begin service after completion of rebuilding that transforms them into the finest luxurious passenger ‘Cars’. When Cars become ready for service additional scheduled departure dates will be confirmed. As appreciation for your early interest, we are offering some special Pre Operating fares/prices. Get on the list for exceptional, one-time “Pre-Op” Journey opportunities – no bother, cost or obligation. This offer is for a limited number of persons and will be withdrawn without notice. Send the following request and your Pre-Op rights will appear.

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Contact Reservations at 817 696-1507 or by email at rez@americastrain.com
Special offers may not be combined in some instances.