Fare Comparisons

America’s Trains’ luxury cars and Journeys by Rail are similar to (or better than)
and have
lower fares compared to other (foreign) luxury train vacations

America’s Trains’ luxurious, impeccable all-inclusive Journey by Rail service provides an ultimate experience for those who are used to finer things in life, and/or who want to treat themselves to very special vacations.
The experience and value dwarf the cost.
Exquisite train vacations have been available in other countries but not in the USA. Now, the finest Journeys by Rail are being introduced throughout America. There is no comparable way to fully experience the country’s grandeur, history and diversity.
Typical per person per day average fares/prices of equivalent foreign luxury rail vacations follows; they may vary. See details by clicking on the name of trains. Variables that due not materially change the fare/price  comparisons may exist due to Covid-19 issues.
Royal Scotsman, Great Britain, 8 days $15,900 USD – $1,987 per day
Kyushu Seven Stars, Japan, 10 days $28,435 USD – $2,844 per day
Golden Eagle, Europe, 8 days $13,245 USD – $1,661 per day
Deccan Oddysey, India, 15 Days, $16,995 USD – $1,133 per day
Marahajas’ Express, India, 8 days, $9460 USD – $1,283 per day
Orient Express, Europe, 5 days, $10,466 USD – $2,093
The Blue Train, South Africa, 11 days, $17,416 USD – $1,583 per day
Per day per person fares for the above luxury trains are from $1,133 to $2,844
America’s Trains, USA, 8 days, average per person per day – $1,048 per day
                                         America’s Trains enjoys unique, favorable capital cost and operating
                                           expense benefits that support lower fares with optimum service.