Fare Comparisons

America’s Trains’ luxury cars and Journeys by Rail are comparable to
and have
lower fares compared to other (foreign) luxury train vacations

America’s Trains’ luxurious, impeccable all-inclusive Journey by Rail service provides an ultimate experience for those who are used to finer things in life, and/or who want to treat themselves to very special vacations.
The experience and value dwarf the cost.
Exquisite train vacations have been available in other countries but not in the USA. Now, the finest Journeys by Rail are being introduced throughout the U.S. anmd into Canada. There is no comparable way to fully experience the country’s grandeur, history and diversity.
Per person per day (pppd) 2024/2025 prices for luxury train vacations comparable to America’s Journeys by Rail follow. Click on train names for sources.
Golden Eagle, 93 sq. ft., Castles of Transylvania, Europe, 7 days, $14,095 – $2,013 pppd
Royal Scotsman, 85 sq. ft., Grand Western Scenic Winders, Great Britain, 8 days, $16,574 – $2,071 pppd
Their rail fares are considerably higher on some routes, as follows:
Orient Express, Belmond, 115 sq. ft., Paris to Istanbul, Europe, 6 days, $43,400 – $7,233 pppd
Per person per day fares for luxury foreign train vacations range between $1,210 and $1,817, and as high as $7,500. Fares for equivalent America’s Trains Journey by Rail are $1,075.
                                         America’s Trains enjoys unique, favorable capital cost and operating
                                           expense benefits that support lower fares with optimum service.