Special shareholder services, rights and benefits follow

Last minute Journeys available to all Shareholders

The following Journeys are available on a first come first serve basis at the stated price, which is normally about 35% of the published fare, but may be slightly higher or lower depending on route and other considerations. Vacation Credits cannot be used as payment.

None at this time

Overrides paid to Class B common stock Shareholders

Cash payments (“Overides”) are made to Class B shareholders for referrals that buy a Journey product.

Individual Journey Overrides are 12% of the sale price and can exceed $1,750. Train’Share Overides are 25% of the purchase price and can exceed $9,800. Fractional interest Overides are 8% of the purchase price and can exceed $13,400.

If there is a shortage of inventory, preference is given to shareholder referrals.

Payments are made when non refundable payment in full is received from buyers or other sources on behalf of buyers. Details are available on request.

Cash credits to pay for Journeys or other vacations, Class B common stock Shareholders

Cash credit rights given to Class B shareholders can be used to pay for Journeys by Rail or other vacations available through the designated vacation exchange company.