Prevention, Covid-19 and other contagious illness


Uncrowded luxury vacations are “leading the way to recovery for the entire travel industry” (according to Virtuoso the travel industry’s leading luxury network); and, “interest in private rail travel in a post-pandemic world is increasing” (according to Forbes magazine) because the private train segment allows for a “lot more social distancing” (according to Rail Bookers, the leading provider of independent rail vacations) and “features low density” vacations with easily managed avoidance of contagious illness.

America’s Trains (“ATs”) crew are fully vaccinated.

The small number of and low passenger density on each Journey by Rail allows polite preclusion of passengers that may have a contagious illness. A prevention plan and stringent related crew member training deters existence of health risks on rail cars, and at en-route layovers. This includes:

    • Passengers must be fully vaccinated including a final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the departure date, or have a negative PCR or antigen test taken no more than 4 days before boarding.
    • Proof of vaccinations or tests must be delivered to ATs prior to or when boarding and can be an original vaccination record issued by the country’s health authority that administered the vaccination (i.e., U.S. CDC’s Vaccination Record Card), or a verifiable laboratory test record, digital certificate or healthcare record, with the passengers correct full legal name, date of birth, type of test, date and time taken, test result stating “NEGATIVE” or “NOT DETECTED” and laboratory, testing site, and/or healthcare provider details. Original documents are required; copies, mobile phone images or photos are not accepted. We recommend that passengers have the contact information (email and phone) for the healthcare provider or clinic site that issued related documentation immediately available in order to allow validation of documents if needed. A vaccination registry site may also be used. The name and birth date on vacination or test documents must match the passenger’s travel documents.
    • Passenger face masks are optional.
    • No lineups and there is sparse, separated seating.
    • Appropriate air filtration.
    • A pre-Journey passenger healthiness confirmation.
    • Consideration of communicable illness conditions where passengers live or just came from.
    • Possible basic health checks when first boarding Cars.
    • Thorough on-Car disinfecting and hygiene criterion.
    • Intense preemptive measures in all areas of food handling and service.
    • Luggage is disinfected before being brought on board rail cars.
    • Proactive preventative measures at layover locations to eliminate related passenger concerns.
    • Restricted Journey passenger movement between ATs and Amtrak cars to a reasonably extent.
    • Other non-intrusive safeguards to prevent contamination on Cars and transmission of contagious ailments between passengers.