Train’Shares, luxurious Journeys by Rail

America’s Trains Inc (“ATs”)
Train’Shares, preeminent timeshare vacations 

Train’Shares feature attractive and eliminate potentially undesirable aspects of timeshare vacation ownership. They provide an exceptional way to enjoy a combination of the best timesharing benefits and exclusive, distinctive all-inclusive Journeys by Rail, traveling as part of Amtrak or other trains; probably the most unique, finest all-inclusive luxury vacation in the USA.
Train’Share ownership is represented by the one-time purchase and ownership of a selected number Points which are used to pay for Journeys of your choice, year after year throughout the term of ownership.
Buyers typically purchase a number of points based on the price of Journeys they expect to use each year.
If at any time an Owner doesn’t have enough points to pay for a selected journey, additional points can be purchased, future year points can be used, or the difference can be paid in cash.
Train’Share owners have the right to take annual or more frequent Journeys by Rail on a growing number of routes throughout the USA and into Canada.
The price per Train’Share Journey is a combination of the one time cost for Points amortized/spread over many Journeys, plus a Journey Use Fee to pay variable expenses that is only paid if you use a Journey. The total is about 40% of the normal fare for an individual Journey by Rail, a saving of about $10,000 for a typical 7 night Journey. If you don’t use a Journey you don’t pay any fees. There are no other mandatory fees or charges
You can sell your Points back to ATs, as described below.
ATs guarantees that Journey Use Fees will not exceed predetermined, reasonable, Train’Share owner approved amounts. If costs exceed budgets, ATs pays the difference.
Train’Share Journey prices are lower than equivalent luxury resort, timeshare and comparable foreign train vacations.
Train’Share ownership can be Annual during each consecutive (every) year, or Biennial for every second year.
Annual or Biennial Train’Share ownership can be for an Initial Term of 10 Years, or a Perpetual Term for many more years; adequately maintained privately owned cars built in the 1930s are still in service. An Initial Term can be changed to a Perpetual Term by purchasing an Extended Term.
Points are valid for one year. However, in each consecutive Annual or Biennial year you automatically receive a number of replacement Points equal to the number of Points owned during the preceding year, at no cost.
When paying for Journeys each Point is and will always be valued at $1.00. If a normal Journey fare is $15,000, it takes 15,000 Points to pay for it. If average normal Journey fares increase, you automatically receive a number of ‘Additional Points’ at no cost to ensure that the buying power of the total number of Points owned by you is not diluted/diminished.
The price paid by Train’Share owners for Journeys, using Points having a value of $1.00 each, is the lowest applicable fare described on the web site at the time that a Journey reservation is confirmed.
You can bank unused Points in a current year and use them to pay for future Journeys, or borrow Points from a future year to expand a current year’s Journey vacation.
You can purchase more Points at any time at the same price that you paid for your original Points.
You can use Points to pay for multiple Journeys during a current year.
You can use Points to pay for resort and other vacations offered by the world’s largest vacation exchange entity, with over 4,500 worldwide locations to choose from.
You can lend Points to other persons.
You can rent Journeys paid for with Points directly or through travel agents, keeping net income.
You can sell your Train’Share. The retail value of future Journeys by Rail and related market demand establishes a favorable resale market.
When you first purchase Points, you can select a ‘designated’ annual or biennial time period that includes a specified number of consecutive Journey nights during which you can travel at your option, or select available Journeys during any other time period.
Journeys are all-inclusive. Points pay for all on-board and some specified off-Car services including dining, all kinds of beverages, things to do, and personalized service.
You pay a Journey Use Fee that covers variable operating and passenger service costs each time you use a Journey; if you don’t use a Journey you don’t pay the Journey Use Fee or any other fees. The Journey Use Fee is about 33% of the normal fare for a typical Journey by Rail.
You can sell all or a portion of your Points back to ATs after using at least six Journey nights. ATs will pay you the amount you paid for the Points less the value of Points used to date to acquire Journeys and other goods or services, less a service charge equal to 2% of the price you paid for the Points that are being repurchased.

The purchase price per Point varies for Annual and Biennial Train’Shares, for Initial and Perpetual term Train’Shares, based on the number of Points purchased, if special pricing is offered, and otherwise. Present maximum Point prices (subject to change without notice) are:

Train’Share rights and use of Journeys by Rail are governed by a Train’Share and Point purchase agreement and Journey Terms and Conditions.