Train’Shares – Enhanced timesharing


Be part of a unique enhanced aspect of (click on) timesharing’s continuing growth;
preeminent all-inclusive personal property Train’SharesTM on private railroad Cars;
Journeys by Rail.

Overview of Train’Shares

Journey by Rail all-inclusive vacations are on luxurious private passenger railroad Cars that include a growing number of routes throughout the USA and into Canada with en-route layovers where passengers live on board their elegant Car while enjoying nearby attractions.

Individual (single) Journeys can be purchased at prices (Fares) below comparable foreign train vacations (there are no others in the U.S.) and are available to Train’Share (timeshare) Owners with significant savings and other benefits. Train’Share ownership includes:

    • Annual or more frequent rights for five to 11 day Journey by Rail vacations year after year.
    • Ownership for a 10 year or perpetual term; with a right to sell the Train’Share back to America’s Trains.
    • Biennial (every other year) or Annual (every year) Train’Shares.
    • A growing selection of changing year round vacation itineraries to choose from.
    • Points based Train’Share ownership and related flexibility when selecting Journey vacations.
    • Choice of Journey length, bedroom category and route, with lots to choose from including time periods allocated for individual (single) Journeys along with time periods set aside for Train’Shares.
    • Simple, easy, all-inclusive. Pick a Journey and arrive at the departure station; easy boarding, everything else is done for passengers, unless they want special personalized services which can be made on the phone.
    • No low, undesirable seasons; routes change to avoid undesirable geographic weather conditions.
    • A single (just one) Train’Share fee; an annual Journey Use Fee equal to 39% of the current normal non Train’Share Journey Fare for selected Journeys by Rail. There are no other mandatory charges.
    • No Journey Use Fee or other payment if a Journey is not used. At their option Owners can give an annual Journey to the Owner’s Association and not pay any fee.
    • Ongoing modifications and enhancements to ensure that Cars, itineraries and operations meet changing requirements and vacation variables in future years.
    • Points, Train’Shares can be gifted, sold, or willed for use by children and grandchildren.
    • Average Journey savings, after the amortized cost of Points (Train’Shares) and the Journey Use Fee:                                                                                                         10 year          25 year minimum                                                                                                          120 vacations        300 vacations                                                                                                      aaa aInitial Term         Perpetual Term                    Average amount saved per year, per Journey, 1st Year, :       $   7,200                $   8,278
      iiSavings per Journey, per year during term (after inflation):      f$ 11,777             i  $ 14,876
    • Avoidance of future Journey vacation cost increases due to inflation. The amortized annual cost of Points remains the same over the term of ownership; today’s cost applies to future years.
    • Increasing post purchase Train’Share values can be based on the number of remaining Journeys (years), with increasing Journey Fares, for which there is adequate consumer demand.
    • Rights to rent an annual Train’Share Journey directly or through available travel agents with existing customers. Owners keep net income.
    • Vacation exchanges with the world’s largest timeshare exchange entity, RCI, allowing a Journey by Rail to be exchanged for one or more of over 4,000 alternative worldwide vacations.
    • An optional right to sell Train’Shares and related Points back to ATs for an amount that equals the price originally paid, less the value of Journeys and services used to date.

The present purchase price per Point for a 10 year Initial Term Train’Share is $1.60, $0.16 per year, and for a Perpetual Train’Share is $2.16, about $0.08 per year assuming a minimum term of 25 years (70 year old rail cars are presently in service).

Train’Share rights and the use of Journeys by Rail are governed by a Train’Share Purchase Agreement, Declarations, and Journey Terms and Conditions.