Train’Shares – Enhanced timesharing


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Train’Share, Journey by Rail, timeshared vacation benefits uniquely include:

(1) From five to 11 day all-inclusive Journey by Rail vacations throughout the USA and into Canada, with en-route layovers where passengers live on board their luxury rail Car while visiting nearby attractions; year after year, or more frequently.
(2) A selection of changing vacation itineraries to chose from.
(3) No low season, routes are changed to avoid undesirable climatic conditions.
(4) A single Train’Share Owner approved fee (“Journey Use Fee”) that is only payable when a Journey is used; not annually. There are no other mandatory charges.
(5) The basis for determining the single Owner approved fee amount (Use Fee Percent) is guaranteed (if owed); any overage is paid by ATs.
(6) Travel during a preferred time period each year, or other available time period(s).
(7) Individual Journeys can be rented through travel agents looking for inventory; Owners keep net income.
(8) Vacation exchange rights with the world’s largest timeshare exchange entity.
(9) Train’Shares can be sold back to ATs for an amount that equals the price originally paid, less the value of Journeys and services used to date.
(10) Train’Share purchase prices are secured by rights to net proceeds from the sale of rail cars, in the remote, improbable event that ATs’ related business is ever dissolved.

Train’Share rights and use of Journeys by Rail are governed by a Train’Share Purchase Agreement and Journey Terms and Conditions.

Timesharing made better, an overview

Train’Share buyers (“Owners”) have rights to exclusive five to 11 day Journeys by Rail (“Journeys”), the USA’s unique, preeminent, all-inclusive luxury vacations the best timesharing rights, eliminating perceived timeshare ownership concerns.
Owners enjoy frequent annual (every year) or biennial (every second year) Journeys throughout the USA and into Canada for an Initial Term of 10 years or for a Perpetual Term (75 year old rail cars remain in service), at less than 40% of the normal Journey cost and with special timeshare benefits. An initial Term can be extended at a later date to become a Perpetual Term.
Train’Share ownership is represented by the one-time purchase of a selected number of Points. Points are used to pay for Journeys year after year. Points work like currency. No matter what the one-time purchase cost for Points is, each Point is always valued at $1.00 when paying for Journeys.
Buyers typically purchase a number of Points based on the price of Journeys they expect to use each year; but, can enjoy Journeys of any length or price.
Points are valid for one (the current) year but are automatically renewed each year thereafter, at no cost.
Train’Share owners pay the lowest Journey fare published at when a related reservation is confirmed. If the lowest fare is $15,000 for two persons ($7,500 per person), it takes 15,000 Points to pay for it (at $1.00 per Point), year after year using the same annually renewed (at no cost) Points.
If average current Journey fares increase, Owners automatically receive Additional Points at no cost to ensure that the buying power of the total number of Points purchased and owned by them is not diluted.
Owners pay a single Journey Use Fee equal to 33% of the current retail Journey fare at the time a Journey reservation is confirmed (“Use Fee Percent”) to cover consumable operating and administrative costs.
If Owners don’t use a Journey they don’t have to pay a Journey Use Fee. There are no other mandatory fees or charges.
The Journey Use Fee is subject to change, decrease or increase, if approved by Train’Share Owners. ATs guarantees that Journey Use Fees will not exceed the approved Use Fee Percent amount. Any excess costs are paid by ATs.
If an Owner wants to enjoy higher priced or more Journeys, any additional cost can be paid by purchasing Additional Points at the current Point price prorated to reflect the number of remaining ownership years for an Initial 10 year Term Train’Share, and for a Perpetual Term prorated to reflect ownership for 30 years (which is actually for much longer), or Owners can use future year Points in advance, or Owners can pay the added amount with cash. If a lower priced Journey is used, surplus current year Points can be banked, saved for future use.
The cost of Train’Share Journeys is less than half the cost for similar quality luxury resort vacations, below the cost of equivalent timeshare resorts, and a fraction of the cost for similar foreign train vacations (there are no others in the USA).
Journeys are all-inclusive. Points pay for all on-board and some specified off-Car services including dining, all kinds of beverages, things to do, and personalized service.
Points can be used to pay for more than one Journey in the same year.
Owners can use Points to pay for other vacations offered by the world’s largest vacation exchange entity, with over 4,500 worldwide locations to choose from.
Points can be loaned to other persons.
Owners can rent Journeys directly or through travel agents that are looking for Journey inventory, and keep net income.
Owners can sell Train’Shares. The retail value of future unused Train’Share Journey vacations supports the Train’Share resale market.
Owners can sell their Points back to ATs after using at least six Journey nights. ATs will pay Owners the original amount paid for the Points less the value of Journeys and other goods or services that have been used to date. ATs retains a service charge equal to 2% of the price paid for the Points that are being repurchased.
In addition to selecting Journeys from those allocated to Train’Shares, Train’Share Owners have rights to reserve Journeys that are allocated for and would otherwise be sold as individual (single) Journeys. This provides a significant number of additional Journeys to choose from.
The normal purchase price per Point varies for Annual and Biennial Train’Shares and for Initial and Perpetual Term Train’Shares. Prices may also vary based on the number of Points purchased, if special pricing is offered, and otherwise. The current normal price of Points follows; ask about possible special offers.
Because Points are automatically renewed each year, at no cost, the initial one-time purchase cost of Points is spread (amortized) over many years. The purchase price of an annual (one year) Initial Term (10 years) Point is $1.50 which is $0.15 per year. The purchase price of a Perpetual Term Point is $2.03; assuming that the Perpetual Term is only for 30 years, which should be much longer (75 year old rail cars are in service), the annual cost per Point is under $0.07
The total Train’Share Owner cost for a $15,000 eight day Journey (for two passengers), including the amortized original cost of Points plus the Journey Use Fee, is about $7,050 for Initial Term Train’Shares and $5,850 for Perpetual Term Train’Shares. This is about 47% and 39% of the normal Journey fare.

This is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation to residents of any state or other jurisdiction where regulatory requirements have not been fulfilled.