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Information, Facts and Clarifications

  • Business Development, Start of Service: Company principals/managers purposely delayed earlier implementation of services to clarify changing Amtrak policies and to allow them to most effectively apply their full time to the business.
  • Company: To make it a stand alone business, business founders combined significant and unmatched railroad, leisure and timesharing capabilities into a single entity, America’s Trains Inc. Subsequent final business development created a one of a kind leisure business and vacation opportunity.
  • Competition: There is no similar or competitive train vacation product in the USA; none on regular schedules; none with layovers at en-route destinations; and, there are no cars of equal quality in regular public use. There is no other train or rail car timeshare (Train’Share) or fractional interest ownership program.
  • Initial, Circle America, Journeys by Rails: Services will begin on Circle America Journeys. For Circle America information click here. For specific Circle America (and other) fares and more route details click here
  • Travel agents: The Company has and is making high preferred commission and override arrangements with selected travel agents, travel sellers and tour operators for the sale of individual Journeys by Rail.
  • Train’Share sales: To support presently adequate marketing and sales capabilities, additional selling entities are being recruited for Train’Share sales.
  • Guaranties and assurances: Individual/single Journey by Rail and Train’Share sales revenue is held and used for specific related Journey vacation purposes and requested refunds; see
  • Company capitalization: The Company is financed by equity investment from managers and other principals. In lieu of available debt financing, a preferred share crowdfunding offer has/will raise extra capital to further accelerate expansion.


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The 1st Car is a two level transition Car with three large Master Suites, one very large Grande Suites, dining and a lounges. See the recent photo *, see Car 1
3 bedrooms, dining, lounges, depicted after repairs, pre final paint trim – Car 2
6 bedroom car, depicted after repairs, pre final paint trim – Car 3
2 bedrooms, photo is a older, before final paint trim – Car 4
All Cars feature common handcrafted wood walls and trim. Furnishings, flooring and decor varies among Cars to provide vintage, western, cottage and railroad themes. Prototype vintage interiors follow (furnishings are being upgraded) – Lounge 1 –  Lounge 2  –  Lounge 3 –  Lounge 4  –  Private dining 1 –  Private dining 2 Hall entry – Hall
 America’s Trains Inc. logo – logo