Once in a Lifetime Investment Opportunity

Expected sources of funds for expansion were suppressed by COVID-19. This does not have a continuing impact on our Journey by Rail operations. Luxury vacations are “leading the way to recovery (from Covid-19) for the entire travel industry”, particularly “interest in private rail travel in a post-pandemic world”, see Positive future for Journeys by Rail.
One of our funding sources is the sale of stock in the company through a crowdfunding equity offering to the public; a ‘window of opportunity’ at a low valuation and early investors receive a share price reduction plus cash back to use as payment towards luxury vacations. Also, in addition to dividends from favorable projected earnings, preferred rights provide expedited full reimbursement of the invested amount and you keep your shares, or you can sell your stock back to the company for 130% of the purchase price, and other benefits.
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Additional funding opportunities can be access at Comprehensive details regarding funding alternatives.
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