Business Description and Plan


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Journey by Rail vacations (Journeys)

Revised 1 Jan 2023

Business Description and Plan (Plan) – CONFIDENTIAL*

America’s Trains (ATs) had to turn the sales, revenue and earnings tap off in early 2020 because Covid-19 caused Amtrak to suspend pertinent services (Amtrak pulls ATs’ Cars). Restarting is as simple as turning the tap back on and that’s happening now.

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1.    Business Opportunity, Need – page 2
2.    Rail Cars – page 2
3.    Business Model – page 3
4.    Amtrak and Other Railroads – page 4
5.    Business Timetable Summary – page 5
6.    Products and Pricing – page 5
7.    Competition – page 6
8.    Management and Related Support – page 7
9.    Proprietary and Business Rights – page 7
10.  Marketing and Sales – page 8
11.  The Company, Valuation – page 9
12.  Funding – page 10
13.  Forecast, Earnings – page 10
14. Additional Revenue and Earnings – page 11
15. Risk Avoidance – page 11
16. Notices – page 11


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A    Reasons for enhanced revenue and earnings
B    Executive Summary
C    Remaining pre operating requirements
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