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Information Clarification

  • Company: To make it a stand alone business, the Journey by Rail program was transferred to and America’s Trains Inc. was formed in 2013. Since then, managing principals have disposed of comparable endeavors to allow full time participation in the Journey by Rail business. This, and the need to finalize arrangements for suitable rail car parking at en-route destinations, has caused a delay in originally anticipated Journey by Rail launch dates.
  • Competition: There is no similar or competitive train vacation product in the USA; none on regular schedules; none with layover at en-route destinations; and, there are no cars of equal quality in regular public use. There is no other train or rail car timeshare (Train’Share) or fractional interest ownership program.
  • Initial, Circle America, Journeys by Rails: Circle America Journey departure dates will be confirmed within a few months when final en-route destination rail car parking arrangements are finalized. For Circle America details click here. For specific fares and more route details click here
  • Travel agents: The Company has and is making high preferred commission and override arrangements with selected travel agents, travel sellers and tour operators for the sale of individual Journeys by Rail.
  • Train’Share sales: Additional selling entities are being recruited for Train’Share sales.
  • Guaranties and assurances: To mitigate any erroneous concern regarding availability of Journeys, single Journey by Rail and Train’Share sales revenue is held and used for specific related Journey vacation purposes and requested refunds; see
  • Company capitalization: The Company is financed by equity investment from managers and other principals. In lieu of available debt financing, a pending preferred share offering may be used to raise extra capital to further accelerate expansion.


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2 bedrooms, dining, lounge, recent photo, pre final paint trim – 300 dpi, 968.5 kb, 858 x 376 px – Car 1
3 bedrooms, dining, lounges, depicted after repairs, pre final paint trim – 72 dpi, 375.9 kb, 1,056×356 px – Car 2
6 bedroom car, depicted after repairs, pre final paint trim – 72 dpi, 1,029.0 kb, 864×397 px – Car 3
2 bedrooms, photo is a older, before final paint trim – 72 dpi, 3,831.3 kb, 1,440×887 px – Car 4
Typical bedroom – 72 dpi, 715.7 kb, 564×423 px – Train set bedroom
Train set lounge – 72 dpi, 220.5 kb, 300×245 px – Train set lounge
Train set dining – 300 dpi, 6,456.0 kb, 1,197×1,800 px – Train set dining
Dining, special event – 72 dpi, 781.8 kb, 628×415 px – Train set dining, special event
Private car (car 4) lounge, as is before final refurbishing – 72 dpi, 3,279.3 kb, 1,280×851 px – Car four lounge
Private car (car 4) dining, as is before final refurbishing – 72 dpi, 3,279.3 kb, 1,280×854 px – Car four dining