Circle America – New York to Miami

New York Southward – 8 Days and 7 Nights
Live on board your luxurious rail Car while visiting
New York – Washington DC – Savannah – Orlando – Miami
Itinerary changes may occur to further enhance Journey by Rail experiences

Departure Date
20 Jan 2018


Master Suite accommodations – Per person, double occupancy – $6,925
3rd passenger in Master Suite – $750
Single passenger – Classic Double room – 160% of Master Suite per person fare

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Normal fares, early confirmed reservation discounts; not included in provisional reservations:
245 days in advance 15% – 175 days 12% – 140 days 9% – 105 days 6%

If rail Cars park overnight at the initial departure or final arrival location to allow passengers
to stay on board while visiting adjacent areas, passengers residing at such locations may
prefer to not stay on board during these nights. In this event, they may be entitled to a related
fare reduction equal to on board all-inclusive costs. 

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circlenewyorkmiamiReservations, Deposits and Payment

Provisional reservation: No deposit is required to make a provisional reservation for a chosen Journey by Rail prior to 175 days before the departure date. However, if at any time the same Journey is required for sales purposes, you will be asked to make a confirmed reservation deposit within 5 days, otherwise the reservation will be released. Provisional reservations include special fare reductions, if any.

Confirmed reservation deposit/payment: $100 per person 175 or more days before departure; Increasing to $450 per person 133 days before departure; Increasing to full payment 91 days before departure.

Refunds: A full refund of all amounts paid is made to passengers that cancel a confirmed reservation more than 91 days before a departure date; thereafter, the refund is equal to all amounts paid less 1% of such amounts for each day under 91 until 14 days before the departure date; thereafter no refund is paid or owed.

Deposits and full payments are held until the respective Journey departure date, as required to specifically provide for all respective Journey by Rail costs, or requested refunds.

Reservations, refunds, use of Cars and availability of Journeys by Rail are governed by (click on) Terms and Conditions.


Infinite pleasure traveling on luxurious rail Cars to en-route destinations where there are endless things to do

Day before boarding
Optional New York hotel or on-board Train accommodations
Day 1 – Saturday – New York
Board at any time after 4:00 pm
Enjoy all-inclusive comforts living on your luxurious rail Car while you
Visit New York
Overnight in New York, on board
Day 2 – Sunday – New York
New York
Overnight in New York, on board
Day 3 – Monday – Washington
Depart New York very early morning
Arrive Washington early morning
Enjoy all-inclusive comforts living on your luxurious rail Car while you
Visit Washington
Overnight in Washington, on board
Day 4 – Tuesday – Washington
Depart Washington mid afternoon
Overnight on board, en-route
Day 5 – Wednesday – Savannah
Arrive Savannah very early morning
Enjoy all-inclusive comforts living on your luxurious rail Car while you
Visit Savannah
Overnight in Savannah, on board, en route
Day 6 – Thursday – Orlando
Arrive Orlando early morning
Enjoy all-inclusive comforts living on your luxurious rail Car while you
Visit Orlando
Overnight in Orlando, on board
Day 7 – Friday – Orlando – Miami
Depart Orlando early afternoon
Arrive Miami early evening

Enjoy all-inclusive comforts living on your luxurious rail Car while you
Visit Miami
Overnight in Miami, on board
Day 8 – Saturday – Miami
Disembark at 5:00 pm
or, optional additional overnight on board
After Disembarking – Miami
Optional Miami hotel accommodations the night after disembarking

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More specific descriptions may be described in the Terms and Conditions or travel Documents.

Food and Beverage – Menus are based on seasonal supplies, regional selections, and pre Journey passenger input – Dinner reservations can be made, but are not necessary – Meal service includes full or light breakfasts, delightful lunches, fine evening dinners, take-away picnic snacks, personalized event meals and in-room service – Most Journeys include an off-train restaurant dinner featuring regional/local cuisine, and an elegant on board white glove evening meal (formal attire for passengers is not necessary) – Alcoholic beverages are complimentary with on-board meals and at frequent social events – Special menus and beverages are available for individual passengers, if requested at least 14 days before departure. They may be included in all-inclusive fares but there may be a nominal surcharge for some – If no special requests are received, reasonable efforts are made to cater to specific passenger dietary requirements by preparing suitable meals with the ingredients and provisions normally available on board – Regretfully, on normal (not special Journeys) facilities prevent preparation of meals in accordance with strict religious requirements.
Accommodations – Daily linen changes – Sheet selection (linen or flannel) – Pillow menu – Fresh bed covers – Beds turned down as desired – A full length mirror – Superior bath and beauty amenities – Hairdryers – Television and Wi-Fi (within geographic limitations) – DVD player (select from an on board movie library) – 24 hour food, beverage and other room services – adequate and extra storage space.
On Board Activities and Services (varying based on routes, seasons and Journey objectives) – Photo opportunities, sharing and contests – On board, just for fun, after off-train group activity and award events – Music, dancing and parties, scheduled and for special occasions – Cuisine experiences – Experts speaking about en-route history, cultural, geographic and other Journey experiences – Table games, and competitions – Television and Wi-Fi (within geographic/travel limitations) – Fashion shows – Pleasant social gatherings – Karaoke – Readily available electrical outlets – Baggage assistance, and extra storage for skis, golf clubs and other large items as provided for in the Terms and Conditions – Special, predetermined on board events (weddings, celebrations, meetings, etc) if requested at least 14 days before departure; there may be a reasonable surcharge – etc.
Car Parking at En-route Destinations – Passengers are able to experience attractions and things to do at various en-route destinations without the inconvenience and cost of moving to and from hotels. Cars are dropped of by one train, park on railroad sidings and spurs, and are picked up by another train. Passengers experience unique aspects of railroading while living on Cars with full on board services. Transportation to and from central destination locations is provided.
Off Car Activities – Activities at en-route destinations may sometimes be included in all-inclusive fares depending on the route, passenger preferences and objectives of a Journey by Rail.
Off Car Services – Transportation between parked rail Cars and primary locations at en-route destinations – Exclusive Car resident security during all en-route destination layovers – On most Journeys, an off-train dinner featuring regional/local cuisine – On some Journeys, one or more featured Tracks to Adventure tours.
All-inclusive fares also include: Optimum service – Taxes – Customs and immigration fees.


En-route Destination Activities – Off Car services and activities vary based on Journey objectives, passenger interests and en-route destination features. An unlimited selection of optional off train activities are available at preferred rates, in addition to activities that may be included in all-inclusive fares. Things to do can be reserved in advance and during a Journey, or can be arranged on an impromptu basis after arrival.
Travel to/from Journey by Rail Trains – Connecting airline travel arrangements are available through selected travel specialists. Transfers from airports or other stations will be provided on request, for a reasonable charge.
Pre and Post Journey Accommodations – Excellent pre and post Journey hotel and resort accommodations are available near boarding and disembarking locations, at preferred rates.
Private Car – Exclusive, Private Car Journeys by Rail for up to 6 passengers may be available; traveling with a Train Set on a scheduled route, or alone on an itinerary selected by passengers.
Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is available from selected agencies and strongly recommended.
Gratuities – Tips are not necessary but can be given if desired. Passengers wishing to show their appreciation in this manner can use suitably marked available envelopes.


Terms and Conditions – Click on Terms and Conditions for Journey by Rail travel provisions.
Attire – Daytime attire is ‘resort casual’. Typical woman’s wear may include a sundress, long or short skirt, casual slacks or nice jeans, walking shorts, t-shirt without slogans, polo shirt, casual button-down blouse and equivalent attire. Men’s attire should be casual slacks or good jeans without holes, cargo or Bermuda shorts, plain t-shirt without slogans, polo shirt, sweater or casual button-down shirt, or equivalent attire. Flipflops, worn looking tennis shoes and ‘tired’ sandals should be avoided. – Apart for events immediately following off-car and extended on board daytime activities, typical evenings call for ‘dressy casual’. Woman’s wear can include a skirt and attractive top, stylish pants outfit, nice jeans with dressy top, suitable matching footwear, or equivalent attire. Men’s shirts should be dress, casual button-down, open-collar or ‘spiffy’ polo style, with slacks or nice jeans; a sport coat or blazer is optional. Tennis or very casual shoes and sandals should be avoided. – ‘Sophisticated casual’, a step up from dressy casual, is suitable for ‘white glove’ dinner, ‘Rail Baron’s Reception’, special off Car restaurant dining, or other more formal affairs. Women can wear chic, spiffy cocktail attire. Men’s clothing should include dress pants and button down or stylish shirts, with or without a sport coat or blazer. Both women and men may want to improvise to feature individual personalities. Footwear should match selected attire. – Outdoor clothing should be suitable for expected activities and climates on different routes. Comfortable walking shoes are normally needed. Sun lotion and hats may be desirable. – Swimming suits are not permitted and men must wear tops in public areas on board Cars.
Smoking – On a limited number of larger train sets, there may be a designated smoking area. Otherwise, no smoking is permitted on Cars. This includes tobacco products, electronic smoking devices and marijuana. To comply with applicable laws and to avoid discomfort of other passengers, the use or transportation of marijuana for any purpose is prohibited, even in states where recreational use is legal or permitted medically. If off Car smoking at Amtrak stations during short stopovers is allowed and time permits, passengers are solely responsible for compliance with related smoking rules and for re-boarding Cars on time.
Laundry – No regular laundry service is available on board. The crew will make reasonable efforts to provide emergency laundry service; including use of off Car facilities at en-route destinations.

Baggage – Each double occupancy Master Suite or other double bedroom includes storage for and baggage is limited to contents of three bags that are airline carry on size (22″ length x 14″ width x 9″ height) and two soft-sided garment bags with up to 15 hangar items. Single passenger baggage is limited to one bag and up to 10 hangar items. Extra store space is normally available for large items like skis, golf clubs and other large items item that are approved at least 10 days before departure.
Gifts – Journey related gifts are available on board or on the Internet by going to Choo Choo Store. Toothbrushes, razors and other basic personal items are available at no cost if required.
Special Occasions – If listed on the Pre Journey Questionnaire, we would like to celebrate special occasions with passengers.
Travel Documents – Passengers are responsible for acquiring and having passports and other travel documents required for travel into Canada.
Health – Passengers are responsible for providing information about medical conditions, physical disabilities, or allergies on the Pre Journey Questionnaire provided before respective departure dates. Rail Car construction prevents provision of typical wheelchair access. There is no doctor on board. Medical aid is available at various Amtrak or other railroad station stops.
Children – Journeys by Rail may not be suitable for younger children. There are no children’s facilities or activities for children on board.
Mobile Devices and Internet – For the comfort of all passengers and to maintain the spirit of train travel in a bygone era, there are no radios or television sets in most public areas. The use of mobile phones, laptops and essentially anything that has the ability to disturb other passengers should when possible be confined to the privacy of a passenger bedroom or otherwise apart from other passengers. Geographic and topographic restrictions may limit Internet and television reception
Books, Magazines, Videos and Games – There are board games, playing cards, video movies for use in bedrooms, books and magazines available on board the train.
Electricity – Readily available electrical outlets are standard 110V plugs.
Safes – Accommodation amenities include an electronic safe.
Air Conditioning – Each bedroom has air-conditioning with individual cool/heat temperature controls.
Journey Terms and Conditions – For details governing the purchase and use of Journeys by Rail click on Terms and Conditions.