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America's Trains acquires rights to and rehabilitates older passenger train cars.

Comprehensive knowledge includes access to public and private information about virtually every car in the USA, Canada and Mexico that can be economically repaired to meet Amtrak standards with like new interiors.

To the extent possible, car construction and mechanical equipment is standardized to enhance ongoing maintenance and operating requirements. Depending on its condition, it takes from three to six months to fully renovate a car. Repairs are done in Texas, managed by extremely qualified and Amtrak certified personnel.

In addition to Amtrak and other technical designations, cars are identified by their individual names; which are the names of State flowers. Several cars travel as a Train Set and include adequate crew quarters. Additional self sufficient private cars travel alone or as part of a Train set. Cars scheduled for earliest service include:

  1. Four sleeping Cars, each having six Master Suite bedrooms and crew quarters; the Bluebonnet, Hibiscus, Magnolia and Violet.
  2. Two dome cars, each having one Master Suite and two Drawing Rooms, crew quarters, a kitchen, dining room and lounges; the Rose and Peony.
  3. One sleeping/lounge Car having five Master Suites and a lounge area; the Sunflower.
  4. One dining/lounge Car with two Master Suites, crew quarters, a kitchen, dining and lounge areas; the Carnation.
  5. One Private Car with two Master suites, one Drawing Room, crew quarters, a kitchen, dining area and lounge; the Yucca
Other cars have already been selected and will follow on a continuous basis over a five year period until about 60 are in service.

Photographs of cars will be inserted on web pages and be available when improvements make them appropriately photogenic.

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America's Trains reserves the right to replace any car with an alternative car having similar or
better characteristics for reasons related to maintenance, availablilty, or to meet passenger needs.

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