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Activity cars are rebuilt baggage or coach cars with one large multi purpose public or a combination of an open space and a sound proofed electrical generator that can provide power to the Activity and several other Cars when they are parked.

Variable Activity car configurations provide:

  • Lounge, bar, entertainment and dance floor facilities for parties and events during Train Set Journeys by Rail, or otherwise.
  • A large door that opens downward to create an outside patio or stage area, and for loading larger items.
  • Space and comprehensive support aids for business and other meetings or presentations.
  • Storage space for group recreational (ski, golf, etc) and other equipment.
Car exteriors can have special event or other general signage or can be fully wrapped with promotional signage, like the photo example.

America's Trains car quality and characteristics exceed or equal the world's best.
When car improvements are completed, related images will be inserted.

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