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  1. Advertisements
    1. Black and White Theme - General Purpose, Newspaper
      1. Boy on Tracks
      2. Dog on Tracks
  1. General, Overall
  1. America's Trains Inc, Articles of Incorporation*
  2. Amtrak Contract*
  3. Business Plan - Request
  4. Cash Flow Forecast Summary*
  5. Private Placement Offereing (PPM)*
  6. PPM Summary*
  7. PPM Slide presentation - Request
  1. Fractional Interests
    1. Agreement
      1. Automatic, computer - Request
      2. Word, printed*
    2. Budget*
    3. Bylaws and Operating Agreement*
    4. Declaration *
    5. Rules and Terms and Conditions
  2. Train'Shares
    1. Agreement
      1. Excel, computer - Request
      2. Word*
      3. Addendums
        1. Maintenance Fees Paid in Return for Referrals*
        2. Refund and Buy-back, Train’Share*
        3. Timeshare Trade-In - Request
        4. Referrals as Payment of Purchase Price*
    2. Budget*
    3. Bylaws*
    4. Declaration*
    5. Deed of Ownership*
    6. Inventory Record*
    7. Memorandum Statement*
    8. Terms and Conditions
  1. Card, Debit-Credit, Authorization Form
    1. Fractional Interests
    2. Journeys by Rail
    3. Train'Shares
  2. Financing
    1. Application for financing, In-house
    2. Credit Card, point of sale/at time of sale - Request
  1. Fractional Interests*
  2. Journeys by Rail
  3. Train'Shares*
  1. Aids
    1. Lead Generation Ideas*
    2. Presentation Format*
    3. Questions and Answers
    4. Selling Features, benefits and Advantages*
    5. Selling to the Luxury Market *
    6. Time Periods Affiliation*
    7. Procedures - Request
  • Manual*
  • Printed materials
    1. Brochures
      1. Brochure 1 - 18.5" X 5.5", two fold, three panel
    2. Flyers
      1. Activities
      2. Journeys by Rail
      3. Fare Comparisons
      4. Fractional Interests
      5. Groups
      6. Guarantees and Assurance
      7. Train'Shares
    3. Newsletter
  • Presentations
    1. Powerpoint, flash video versions, manual slide changes
      1. Fractional Interests, Manual - Request
      2. Journeys by Rail, Manual - Request
      3. Train'Shares, Manual - Request boy
    2. Powerpoint, flash video versions, automatic slide changes
      1. Fractional Interests
      2. Journeys by Rail
      3. Train'Shares
  • Sales Entities
    1. Agreements, Selling
      1. Fractional Interests*
      2. Journeys - Included with other Selling Agreements
      3. Train'Shares*
    2. Travel Agent Information - Request

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